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Subprime home equity lenders offer bad credit lines to homeowners who are late on the bills, but have equity available with their home appreciation. My Loan Quote and participating home equity lenders offer non-prime lines of credit using the available equity in their home as collateral rather than qualifying based on a fico score.

Borrowers who have suffered recent financial setbacks that resulted in poor credit scores may still qualify for our home equity line designed for people with bad credit. This traditional HELOC has been the choice of millions of homeowners who have needed to utilize their home appreciation in the last ten years. Borrowers must have a credit score great than 680 and must be below 90% total loan to value.

To request a loan, call us toll free when you are ready to talk about home equity opportunities. If you have poor credit and you want help with a purchase loan, Nationwide Mortgages has become one of our preferred lending sources.

The My Loan Quote staff will assist you understand the pros and cons of using your home equity to consolidate bills or finance home repairs.

Our loan approval team we remains dedicated to helping homeowners obtain cash out with the lowest possible mortgage rates available, regardless of their credit scores.

Cash Credit Line for Bad Credit

Getting access to cash with a home equity line can be easy. Most equity loans can close escrow in 2-4 weeks.

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