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My Loan Quote can help you secure a refinancing solution for your rising mortgage payment even if you have bad credit scores. Our lenders offer several equity programs that enable borrowers with bad credit to refinance into a fixed rate loan that caps the payment. Your mortgage payment will be the same the first month as it is the last month of your 30 year mortgage. The ability to close on a bad credit refinance is very rare in today's financing climate. Most lenders simply aren't willing to take a risk on people that have low credit scores. MLQ will connect you with lenders that specialize in alternative financing that specifically include mortgage refinance loans for people with bad credit.

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Refinancing with Bad Credit Scores

Our loan staff can educate you about rebuilding your credit while finding a mortgage with a lower payment and possible cash back options. Have you had difficulty finding a company to facilitate home refinancing with bad credit? MLQ has been working with lenders that specialize in alternative loans for many years. Many homeowners have had success qualifying to refinance with bad credit FHA loans.

We have received positive feedback from thousands of borrowers regarding our "subprime refinance" loans. These are poor credit refinance loans for borrowers who have fico scores between 500 and 580. Our network of lending professionals offers many solutions including bad credit refinance loans.

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Our staff can assist you in help understanding the pros and cons of home refinancing. In just a few minutes you can learn how to get a fixed rate 1st mortgage or for 2nd mortgage if you have a good existing mortgage and just need additional financing. Many borrowers are getting rid of their high interest debt in the new loan. Consider home refinancing with bad credit ratings because there are new programs that could open some doors for many consumers that may have been previously denied in recent years.

My Loan Quote will introduce you to several trusted mortgage lenders for bad credit so you can make your financing decision from there. Our system enables you to shop rates, loans and ultimately lenders for poor credit refinance mortgages. If you have low fico scores, you may be a great fit to be matched with the lenders at MLQ. There is no charge for our service and many applicants with poor credit scores have been able to find a lender that can help them accomplish their house refinancing goals.

At My Loan Quote, we are dedicated to helping homeowners raise their fico scores and improve their credit going forward. The bottom line is that good credit borrowers qualify for low interest rates and MLQ wants you and your family to enjoy the financial benefits of paying less money to the bank each month. Increasing your credit scores will provide more financing options with charge cards, auto, home loans and mortgage refinancing. Many experts believe that one of the best ways to raise your scores with Trans Union, Equifax and Experian is to make your mortgage payment on time for a long period. (ie. 12 to 24 months) We suggest bad credit refinancing into a fixed 30-year mortgage that you can afford. To request a loan, call us toll free any time.

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Refinancing your current first or second mortgage is simple. Bad credit refinancing is not as easy with traditional loan companies. MLQ will connect you with the leading subprime mortgage lenders that have experience and success getting borrowers approved for refinancing low credit scores. Most home refinance loans are closed within 2-4 weeks. Many people have credit scores that may be too low for most banks, but our mortgage lenders specialize in loans for people with less than perfect credit. Apply today for bad credit refinancing and uncover new opportunities to save money with potentially lower housing costs and consolidate debt.