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My Loan Quote offers cash refinancing loans for people wanting to get money out of their home. Lately, many homeowners have been on the hunt for fixed interest rates, but many people still need cash and there is usually no quicker way to get money than with a cash back refinance loan from My Loan Quote.

In most cases, we can help you refinance with better terms, so you get the cash you need and lower the interest rate at the same time. In some cases the interest rate reduction can actually pay for the cash you are taking out against your home. It is important to know that cash out refinance requirements do vary significantly from straight rate and term transactions in which no cash back is financed in the loan.

Our loan staff can help you understand the pros and cons of cash out refinancing. We will look at the loans costs, fees and evaluate the differences between your existing loan and the new proposed mortgage.

My Loan will team you up with several trusted mortgage lenders so you can rest assured that you will be getting great service with low interest rates. Get the Lowest Mortgage Rates for Refinancing!

Cash Back Refinance
Cash Out Mortgage Refinancing

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If you would rather keep your existing mortgage and get cash with alternative ways, we offer cash refinancing and 2nd mortgages that enable you to access cash in a similar way as when you refinance, but typically the rate is higher with the home equity loans. Our brokers and lenders provide several cash out refinancing programs that are offered with no increase to the interest rate for taking cash with your new mortgage.

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  • Cash Out Home Equity Loans
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  • No Closing Cost Cash
  • Jumbo Home Mortgages
  • Non Conforming Purchase Loans

Non-Conforming Refinance Loans:
Refinancing with Bad Credit Scores
100% Home Mortgage Refinancing 
Refinance and Get Cash Back
Non Conforming Refinance

Alternative Loan Programs:
Mortgage Refinancing
2nd Mortgage Loans
FHA Refinance Loans
Refinance for Home Improvements

Cash Refinance programs can be easier than you think. Most refinance loans can close escrow in 2-4 weeks. Apply Now for a cash out refinance while rates are low and the guidelines are lenient.

Refinancing for Cash, and Consolidating Debt in Home Loans Available!