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My Loan Quote and participating home equity lenders offer prime rate HELOC’s to good credit homeowners who have more than 10% equity available in their home. The participating lending companies offer home equity credit lines with interest rates and terms that have been verified to be lower than the posted industry average. That means that as our customer, you get access to better mortgage rates for refinancing or taking out a new line of credit.

Borrowers who possess good credit and have available equity in your property, and then you may qualify for our prime rate HELOC. This traditional HELOC has been the choice of millions of homeowners who have needed to utilize their home appreciation in the last ten years. Borrowers must have a credit score great than 680 and must be below 90% total loan to value. A few of our preferred lenders include Countrywide, WAMU and BD Nationwide Home Equity Loans.

The My Loan Quote staff will assist you to understand the benefits of taking out a credit line while using home as collateral.

We will look at the loan costs, fees and amortizations schedules between the available loan options so that you can make a financing decision with confidence.

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Getting access to cash with a home equity line can be easy. Most equity loans can close escrow in 2-4 weeks.

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