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When buying a home it is imperative to get a pre-approved mortgage letter that shows the seller that you have bank financing and that you are a qualified buyer. My Loan Quote helps connect first time home buyers and borrowers with lenders that offer pre-qualification mortgage options with credibility.

A pre-approved mortgage is much more than just a quote. It's like a badge for home buyers that symbolize having a credit approval from a bank or lender. Mortgage pre-approvals are very important to sellers when considering bids from prospective buyers because they do not want to waste their time with people that cannot perform according to their agreement.

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Simply put, a mortgage pre-qualification is a bank's estimate of how much a consumer is approved to borrow based on what size loan amount a lender is committing to extend. The driving factors of a mortgage pre-approval are credit, debt to income ratio and significance of the down-payment from the borrower.

In most cases, the best time to get a pre-approved mortgage is in the early stages of the house hunting process. Most realtors and lenders suggest get pre-qualified for a home loan before shopping online or driving around town with an agent.

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My Loan Quote will help you compare quotes on 10, 15, and 30-year amortization schedules. We are a trusted national mortgage service who has experience connecting applicants with loan companies that provide superb service with interest rates below industry levels.

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Since My Loan Quote has a relationship with the nation's leading mortgage lenders you know that you will be getting a low rate home loan in addition to exceptional service.

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"I thought buying a home would be stressful but thanks to your company, my wife and I were able to close escrow quickly and we locked into a loan for 30-years at 3.75%! It was amazing because within minutes we received a pre-approved mortgage letter that helped us get our offer accepted. We really appreciate all of your support during the home buying process. We will be referring our friends and family to you as your company always seemed to put our home financing needs first. - T. Turner- Buena Park, California