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My Loan Quote offers 100% mortgage refinance loans for people who need cash out but have no equity in their home. We can help you find cash or consolidate debt with zero equity! Our brokers and lenders provide several 100% loan products with first and second home mortgage refinancing. How much money would you save ever month if you refinanced into a four percent loan that was fixed for thirty years? Our lending unit guarantees results on the 100% refinancing product.

The MLQ loan staff can help you understand the pros and cons of cashing all of your home's equity with a refinance transaction. We will help you determine whether or not you should refinance with an 80-20 combo or one loan.

MLQ will introduce you to several national mortgage lenders who provide conforming, FHA and cash out home equity loans. After discussing your situation with these respected lenders you will be able to make an informed financing decision.

Home Mortgage Refinancing
100% Home Loan Refinancing

100% Refinance Loans for Primary Residences and 2nd Homes

  • 100% Refinance Options for 1st or 2nd Mortgage Loans
  • Home Refinancing at 3.25%
  • Fixed Home Mortgage Refinance Rates for 30 Years
  • Second home loans to 95% LTV
  • Stated income for 100% refinance loans with 680 fico.
  • Cash out refinancing available in all 50 states including Hawaii, Texas and Alaska

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My Loan Quote is committed to guiding homeowners into low rate mortgages regardless of their fico scores. We have received rave reviews from thousands of homeowners regarding our 100% home mortgages.

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage Refinancing
  • 1st Mortgage Loans
  • 2nd Mortgage Loans
  • 100% Home Refinancing
  • Cash Out Home Loans
  • Stated Income Home Loans
  • 15, 25 & 30 Year Fixed Rate
  • Fico credit scores starting at 580
  • No Closing Cost Refinancing
  • Bad Credit Mortgages
  • Zero Down Financing

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Refinancing with Bad Credit Scores

Refinancing your existing mortgage can be smoother than you think. Most 100% refinance loans are closed within 3-4 weeks. Many people have credit scores that may be too low for most banks, but our home mortgage refinance lenders specialize in loans for people with less than perfect credit. Apply Now for a fixed rate refinance loan.

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