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Now you can choose from home loans for people with bad credit. Of course you must have some compensating factors to get approved if you your scores are below 600 in today's marketplace. We understand that things come up in life that is beyond your control. We will help you find lenders that understand that just because you may have a low credit score, doesn't mean that you would be a bad borrower. That's why participating lenders developed several bad credit mortgage programs for home financing, refinancing and even with 2nd mortgages.

Get more info from some of the few companies that consistently funds first time home buyer loans for bad credit. Some of our programs that approve low fico borrowers are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Find lenders that offer an array of home loans for poor credit and FHA refinance loans that have helped people reduce their payments, get money and much more. Many borrowers do not have enough equity to qualify for a conventional home refinance loan, so we suggest considering the FHA because HUD allows rate and term refinancing to 97% and for cash out transactions, borrowers can get loans between 85 and 95%. FHA is rolling out new rehab loans to help purchase and renovate homes that need fixing up because of natural disasters or previous foreclosures. For government mortgage updates, visit the FHA website that is powered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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  • Underwater Mortgage Relief When Loan Balances Exceed Home Values (see lender for HARP 2.0 guidelines and requirements)
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