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At we are dedicated to finding homeowners low rate loans for consolidating debt. We will facilitate you with securing a consolidation loan, even if you have low credit scores. Our loan officers will provide you with solutions for paying off high rate credit card, and other revolving debt. Even if you have recently been turned down when applying for a loan from another lenders, we will assist you in finding a fixed installment loan so you can get back on track. Apply Now for a Consolidation Loan that will save you money!

Our responsive staff is trained to assist you in financing debt so you can enjoy lower payments and improved personal cash flow. is determined to help you eliminate all of your existing compounding interest debts. To request a loan, call us toll free at 877-818-6700

Consolidating your debt with a home equity loan or 2nd mortgage is simple. Frequently consolidation loans are closed in 14-20 days. Many people have credit that might be considered less than perfect credit, but that doesn't mean that you wouldn't benefit from rolling your debt into a fixed lower rate mortgage. Our team will help you research debt reform options so you can stop worrying about the increased interest works with direct mortgage lenders, so you will always get the best deal.

Our loan staff can assist you in your quest for a debt consolidation loan. Apply Now for a low rate 2nd mortgage or bill consolidation loan and start saving money every month. connects you with brokers and lenders quickly!

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Refinancing your existing second mortgage is simple. Most 2nd loans are closed within 2-3 weeks. Many people have credit that might be considered less than perfect credit, but that doesn't mean that you don't want to refinance your adjustable rate credit card debt. We'll help you research the 2nd mortgage you need without making any phone calls or completing forms from other websites.

  • Fixed Rate Debt Consolidation Loans.
  • Interest Only Home Equity
  • 15, 20, or 25 Year Fixed Rate Terms
  • Bankruptcies within 1 Year OK
  • Fico credit scores starting at 560
  • Low Closing Cost 2nd Mortgages
  • Cash Out Debt Consolidation Loans
  • 40 Year Fixed Mortgage
  • Bankruptcies within 6 months OK
  • Fico credit scores starting at 500
  • Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans
  • Interest Only Equity Line of Credit
  • 15, 20, 30 or 40-Year Fixed Rate Terms
  • Low Closing Cost 2nd Mortgages works with direct mortgage lenders, so you will always get the best deal. wants to help you qualify for a debt consolidation loan that you will benefit you now and fifteen years from now, when your equity loan is paid back in full.

Non-Conforming 2nd Mortgage Programs:
Stated Income Loans
Debt Consolidation Loans

Alternative Loan Programs:
Mortgage Refinancing
2nd Mortgage Loans wants to help you get a debt reform loan quickly. Take advantage of these competitive debt consolidation loan programs:

Ask your loan advisor which refinance loan is best suited for your five-year plan. Free Debt Consolidation Loan Quote!

  • Debt /income Ratios allowed up to 55% on fixed interest mortgages
  • Debt Ratios To 50% on Adjustable Rate Loans
  • No Cash Out Limit limits
  • 125% CLTV on 2nd Mortgages

1st Time Homebuyer Incentives

  • 100% loan financing available

Interest rates, terms and lending restrictions apply and are subject to change without notice. All debt consolidation and refinance loans are subject to creditor approval from licensed lender. Call My Loan Quote for more information.