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My Loan Quote offers cash back home equity lines of credit to qualified homeowners. Our Lenders provide credit lines to qualified homeowners even if you are first time homebuyer or have poor credit. Our trusted mortgage lenders provide several types of credit lines because the needs and qualifications of consumers vary significantly.

If you have good credit and available home equity, then you may qualify for our traditional prime rate HELOC. This line of credit is a good option for financing home repairs. Borrowers need a credit score great than 680 and must be below 90% total loan to value.

If you have excellent fico scores and an impeccable credit history but you have no equity available because your mortgage balance is as high as your house's appraised value, then you need a 125 credit line. This cash out option is good if you plan on staying in your home for a while and you need money immediately. Many first time homebuyers take this 2nd mortgage to fix up their home or pay off credit card bills. The 125% home equity loan is only offered by few mortgage lenders, like BD Nationwide Mortgage or General Motors. Borrowers need a credit score great than 700 and with the loan you would be greater than 100% total loan to value.

If you have poor credit because of late payments or a past bankruptcy, you may qualify for a subprime credit line. Borrowers need a fico score great than 500 and with the loan you would be greater than 70% total loan to value. To request a loan, call us toll free anytime.

Finance Home Improvements

Refinancing your home can be easy. Most loans can close escrow in 2-4 weeks. Apply Now for a cash out refinance loan.