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At My Loan Quote, we connect you with lenders so you can combine all of your mortgages together for increased monthly savings. Many people recently bought a home with a 1st and 2nd loans and so it's natural to want to combine them together or to refinance simply for lower rates and payments. If you are a homeowner that fits this description, then you may want to think about combining the 1st and 2nd mortgage into one reduced payment. Refinancing second mortgage loans can be simple. Most refinance and home equity loans can be closed within two to three weeks. Many borrowers have credit that might be considered less than perfect credit, but that doesn't mean that you don't want to refinance your mortgages together and save money.

Refinance first and Second Mortgage Loans for Lower Rates

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In a recent article written publishes by BD Nationwide, Lynda Nelms discusses a conversation with one of her clients which loan was best for him. The client asks Mrs. Nelms, which choice was better, 1. Refinancing his first and second mortgages into one new 1st loan… 2. Take out a new 2nd mortgage that extends above the value of his home. Of course the interest rate will be much higher on the second choice because it is a stand-alone 2nd mortgages that goes beyond 100% of the clients home value. Apparently, the client had consolidated his credit card debts years earlier with a fixed rate loan but had inquired about his developing refinance options due to his house value that had increased its value significantly over the last few years. Now the client appeared to be below the 100% threshold, so the best time to consolidate the 1st and 2nd mortgages together seemed to be now. The bottom line is the lowest mortgage rate is available today and it will save you a lot of money now and in the future because the interest is fixed.

The writer explained that in her client's case, the best option was to leave his first mortgage alone, and simply refinance the high rate 2nd mortgage into another loan at 95-100% ltv. She proceeded to remind us that there are good times to refinance first and second mortgages together, but that it is not always a "no brainer." She suggests evaluating your unique circumstances with an experienced professional who had access to good 1st and 2nd mortgage programs like they do at BD Nationwide.

Lynda Nelms writes a popular column, called "Ask Lynda" where she offers helpful home financing tips to consumers from an experienced loan officer's perspective. She wrote a few popular articles between 2004 & 2011 on 2nd Mortgage Loans and she continues to pass her advice to other finance related sources.

Currently, Lynda originates loans for BD Nationwide Mortgage, who is located in San Diego, California. You can read more of her "Ask Lynda?" articles at Nationwide Mortgage and get more information about home equity mortgages.

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