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Borrowers that have good cash flow and who are focused on owning their home quickly like 10-year mortgage rates. The ten year mortgage is attractive because the interest rates are considerably lower than the 15 or 30-year mortgage rates. The ten year mortgage term is amortized over one hundred and twenty months.

One of our lenders recently advertised a mortgage refinance loan at 2.875% on the ten year mortgage.

We offer a wide variety of loans that feature fixed 10-year mortgage rates:

  • Conventional Loan with a Fixed 10-Year Rate
  • Jumbo Loan with 10-Year Mortgage Rates

If your cash flow is up and down, we would not recommend the ten year mortgage because the payment is considerably higher than the30-year mortgage. But if you have steady monthly income and can afford a higher monthly payment, then we recommend the 10-year mortgage rates, because you will end up paying less interest and you will own your home in one-third the time you would with a traditional mortgage that is amortized over thirty years.